Ahh I said that I’ll finish the rest today.. but I’m a bit sleepy now. I’m sorry!! I’ll do the rest tomorrow!! If anyone else wants to submit, tomorrow will be the last day!

I need to work on my WIPs again I’ll just start a new submit me thingy after I finish at least 3 of my current WIPs. 

I have a few left in my inbox, I’ll finish those today, if ever there are anymore that submits after the ones I have right now, I’ll do them tomorrow ^u^ Then I’ll cap it at that.

I’ll also continue on my WIPs tomorrow.
Next time, I’ll ask for OTPs maybe??

What do you think?

(I'm not sure if you're still doing this- ' v ') W廿_廿)


Still doing it OuO
Here you go, Tangerines!

Hope you finish your summer HWs soon!
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Send me a W廿_廿) and I will draw a gijinka of your blog.

have you drawn your own blog/s yet? o3o

I haven’t drawn them ever ^u^’”
Never thought of that really haha-

W廿_廿) uwu



Ms.Nila is one of my first followers in this art blog so I feel happy drawing something for them. ^u^

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Send me a W廿_廿) and I’ll draw a gijinka of your blog.

W廿_廿) ;D hey bby



Why hello there O3<)~*

Your blog is so organised #3#)/omg it’s so you!!

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Send me a W廿_廿) and I will draw a gijinka of your blog.

Omg you little princess those anons are precious, couldn't have said better myself :)

Why are you people so nice to me? I-I’m not ready for this. ;A; Thank you anon!
The previous Anon/s were very nice and they are precious indeed. You guys inspire me too.

W廿_廿) I really love your art!



Here you go,dear!

Oh thank you so much! ^//~//^)/

I also checked your art tag and you have such cute art!! Do your best, and don’t give up! 

This is for:

Send me a W廿_廿) and I will draw a gijinka of your blog. 

Yes I’m still doing the thing OuO)b I just took a break for a few. 



Thank you, Anon(s) Recently, anons/people have been messaging me with nothing but really nice words and to be quite honest, I really am surprised to receive them. 
If it is not obvious yet, I am extremely insecure and that I have such low esteem. I have been like this for long but they have been extreme lately to the point that whenever I see such nice messages, I kind of cry a little. 
After receiving the top message on the image, I really did visit my bio and stared at it. I read it and felt how much I downgraded myself. (aaahhh gosh I’m just typing and tears are flowing I’m so silly)

as for the sad and lonely, I am sad and I am feeling lonely. I really try not to be but it is quite difficult. I just try to cheer myself up by drawing really as that’s what I have right now. Friends are there but to be honest, I am too used to being private that even things like these, I cannot express to them. I’m too used to being the person they rely on and strong for them that I cannot get myself to show that I am sad and weak. 

Ahh enough about that. All I’m saying is that I’m feeling all these sadness and yet I see these kinds of messages, and they make me really really happy that I actually start crying. 
Thank you. I do not know how I can repay you all for saying such nice words to me. I normally say that I don’t deserve them but I’m sure you wouldn’t want that. 

Do not worry!! I’m really trying hard to cheer myself up! I don’t like being sad. I’ll try to be nicer to myself.